The Blushield Plus is a countertop EMF protector. It produces natural frequency energy and reduces cellular degeneration and offers protection from EMF radiation. This EMF shield works by grounding the human bioelectric field to prevent the transmission of EMF radiation. This can be achieved by ground penetrating electrodes which are installed around the body. The earth's magnetic field also plays an important role in this process.
Grounding of EMF is achieved through the introduction of a negative charge, which cancels out the positive charge around the user. This prevents the generation of damaging free electrons which are emitted as EMF radiation. Once the charged plates are grounded, electrical activity within the body is reduced. EMF exposure is thus reduced and the cell phone user is protected from cell phone Earthing dangers. This helps to achieve the two essential requirements of earthing: it protects against cell phone earthing dangers and provides earthing benefits.
One can also use a grounded wall outlet. Grounding the phone wire or cable also reduces the danger of cell phones causing ear ringing. However, these devices must have a grounded wall outlet in order to work. In this way, the phone will remain connected to the wall outlet, reducing possible sources of EMF exposure, especially when there is a wireless connection.
Grounding of cell phone cables requires a premium ground penetrating electric arc that is placed between the wall outlet and the earthing plug. One must make sure that the premium plug is fitted into the outlet correctly. This is to ensure that the electrical flow will not be blocked and that there will not be any short circuits. The cube is a very effective method of protecting the earthing system. The cube can be purchased at a premium online store and comes with an installation kit, manual, and warranty. One can also find other EMF shields such as those that are used for home protection and workplace protection from cell phones.