The Video Transfer Error is an annoying error message that shows up on Android phones. This error is often caused because of a data transfer failure between your Android device and the SD card. An improperly formatted or damaged file has resulted in the Android operating system mistakenly putting the wrong version of your video file on to the mobile memory. To fix this, here's what you can can upload video online to share on usauplaod
Prevent data loss when transferring videos - Most modern smartphones have built-in video file transfer applications. These come in very handy when it comes to sharing your videos. All you need to do is launch these apps, pick a file that you want to upload, and begin transferring it. As long as the videos are not too large, you should be fine. Just make sure you're not downloading any large files onto your phone's memory before transferring them, otherwise you could encounter data loss.
Optimize media files - There are a number of different factors which contribute to data transfer speeds when transferring videos. First, make sure you're not storing all your videos on a single SD card or external drive. These media files tend to become extremely small after being compressed. Even though the files may appear as small, they will definitely take up a lot of space. It would be much better to upload all your videos onto separate SD cards and/or external drives.